Ready to Develop Your Mindset as an Eco Entrepreneur?
Introducing The Eco-Leader Mindset Coaching: A programme guaranteed to help you grow your eco-business and perfect that mindset.

Who Is the Eco-Leader Mindset Coaching Programme for?

  For eco entrepreneurs, those just starting out to ones that want to level up, who want to develop their mindset, uncover hidden blocks and create that successful business they deserve.

   For Eco Entrepreneurs that doubt their own ability, feel out of their depth, the thought of fully committing to huge goals excites them yet they find them utterly terrifying at the same time.

   For Eco Entrepreneurs that lack the confidence to step up as business leader, they can feel the pressure building day-by-day, and have a constant battle of dealing with the stress and overwhelm from juggling a million things at once!​

  For entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for a way to move their business online.

Lead By : Expert Mindset Coach for Eco Friendly Entrepreneurs…. Christen Gilchrist

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

 WEEK 1: CRATING A WORLD CHANGING VISION: How to build a business your proud of
(Even if you’re not sure where to even start and the thought of a big vision paralyses you)

 WEEK 2: BECOMING AN ECO-LEADER:  How to change the world one client at a time
(Even if you have no team)

 WEEK 3: STOPPING DOUBT AND INSTILLING BELIEF: How to show up as a successful eco entrepreneur
(Even those doubts you are not aware are aware are affecting you)

 WEEK 4: REMOVING MENTAL BARRIERS: How to pivot the uncomfortable to the comfortable
(Even if setting big goals scares the bejesus out of you) 

 WEEK 5: MAINTAING MOTIVATION MOMENTUM: How to use the small wins to push you to big progress
(Even when you feel your energy is at an all time low)

 WEEK 6: THE TRIPLE S FACTOR, SECRET STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS: How to master continued online growth
(Even if you're a big technophobe)

 WEEK 7: BUILDING RESILIENCE AGAINST THE GRAIN: How to stay in your lane and achieve laser focus 
(Even if you feel like your competitors have got it down and you never will)

 WEEK 8: CREATING YOUR ECOPRENEUR ACTION-PLAN: How to create that life of freedom you deserve 
(Even if you suffer from procrastination and perfectionism)

 WEEK 9: PEOPLE, PLANET & PURPOSE: How to nail your three P’s to push against sustainability resistance.
(Even if people think you hang around hugging trees all day)

 WEEK 10: NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING: How to nail your Eco message to convert the unconverted
(Even if your client is a non eco warrior)

 WEEK 11: WARRIOR VS WORRIER CONUNDRUM: How to balance Stress & Overwhelm as an Ecopreneur
(Even when it feels as though you are never going to manage it all) 

 WEEK 12: THE 4 PILLARS TO FORWARD THINKING:  How to always be 4 steps ahead
(Even when it feels like you are taking one step forward and one step backwards)


Here’s Exactly What You Get...

 12 Weeks of Live 90 Minutes Training Sessions - £1997 Value

 12 Weeks of Live 90 Minture Group Coaching Sessions - £1997 Value

 Private Messenger Support Directly from Me - £997 Value

 Your Own Accountability Buddy - £497 Value

 1x 60 Minute Deep-Dive 1:2:1 Coaching Session - £197 Value

 Access to Private Facebook Community - £497 Value

 Weekly Worksheets & Templates - £197 Value

 Bonus #1: My best podcast interview - £47 Value

 Bonus #2: The Exact Exercise I Use with Every Client to Break any Limiting Belief - £47 Value

 Bonus #3: A Secret List of Thinking Errors which will Change the Way You Think - £47 Value

 Bonus #4: Power Hour on Keeping Things Simple for a Minimalist Eco Business– £297

 Bonus #5: Six weeks to Zero Waste Worksheet  - £97 Value

Total Value: £6,914!
Usual Price: £1997

Or 3 Payments of £333 or 6 Payments of £166

Apply for September's wait list to be in with a space!




£333 P/M


£166 P/M


I know you’ll love this course and am so confident that it will get your results that I will offer not 1, not 2, but 3 fully protected guarantees to ensure there is absolutely no risk for you whatsoever. 

 Guarantee #1 Love at First Sight:
If you don’t believe that this is the absolute best investment you’ve ever made in yourself, simply email me within your first 14 days and I'll refund you 100% of your investment. No questions asked.

 Guarantee #2 The Free Upgrade:
If you finish the course and you didn’t feel it gave you absolutely everything you needed (this is very unlikely), I'll jump on a private 1:2:1 call with you and get you where you need to be!

 Guarantee #3 No Win No Fee:
If you go through the course material, do the exercises that I’ve set out for you and 30 days after completing the course, you somehow haven’t been able to get results, I’ll provide you with a full refund.

Here’s What Happens Next... 

Click the ‘Apply Now’ button and you’ll be asked to answer a few quick questions to assess your suitability for the program.

If I am confident this will work for you, and you’re a right fit for this program, you’ll be invited to an enrolment call to answer any questions you have and ensure you’re 100% happy and ready to join the program...Then? 

Get ready to a journey for a lifetime! I am so excited for you!

Hit the apply now button and let’s get that value you have to offer into the world!

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